Why should you use stories?

Use stories infographic

Stories are among the most popular types of content by far and that's because they are the perfect tool to boost your reach and engagement.

Stories are 100% customizable:

  • Hashtags: increase your reach by tagging your stories, learn how to make your hashtags invisible so you can add as many as you want
  • GIF: Search among thousands of gifs and add some movement to your story
  • Countdown: Let your audience know when an event is happening
  • Stickers: Add style and content to your story, read how to get more stickers
  • @Mention: Tag another Instagram profile

Stories are also perfect to interact with your audience:

  • Questions: Ask your audience a question, responses are sent to you as DMs
  • Emoji Slider: Ask questions and get the answer in a fun way
  • Quiz: Create multiple choice quiz questions for your audience to answer
  • Chat: Prompt your audience to start a conversation
  • Learn how to have access to more stickers for your stories TODO



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