What is the best time for you to post?

Time to post infographic

What's the best time to post in general?

When you're followers are online! Cool, but when is that? There's a very simple way to find out: you need a business profile, don't worry it's free and very easy to get one. Once you have it, go to your insights and scroll down, you'll see in which days and at which hours your followers are more active.

Time people are online

What if I don't want to switch to a business profile?

You can still get an approximation of when your followers will be online, but you'll have to think carefully about it:

  • Based on your content figure out who are your followers and what is their age
  • Now, if they are very young, don't post in school hours, afternoons are probably the best time
  • If they are young, afternoons and evenings are the best time but not on Fridays or Saturdays
  • If they work, lunchtime and late afternoons are preferrable
  • If they're a little old, mornings and afternoons are your best options
  • NOTE: Your followers won't be all of the same categories so adapt these considerations to your situation



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