Create awesome stories without taking photos or videos

Story without photo infographic

Who said that you need a photo to create a beautiful story? That's not true, in fact there are plenty of different ways to fill your stories with amazing content other than standard boring photos.

Regram posts from other accounts

You can add posts from your account or from any public profile on Instagram, read this post to know how to do it.

Note: To create a story with the following methods you will still need to take a picture, but you can simply put the camera of your phone very close to an object, this will create a solid background or a cool texture, for example, you could use: your jeans, your hands, a t-shirt, the ground, a wall... Once you have a background you can:

Use GIFs

GIFs are the best way to add dynamism to your story, you can choose them among the available thousands. If you don't find the perfect GIF don't worry, try searching for synonyms.

Write your thoughts using special fonts

Special fonts in Instagram Stories

Find the perfect font for your stories (but also for your bio and captions), just write your text, see the results in all the different fonts and click on your favorite to copy it

Add stickers

Stickers are a good way to spice up your story, adding details and making it more colorful. Did you know you can use more stickers than what Instagram lets you see? No? Then read how to get more stickers for your stories Stickers can also be used to interact with your audience and increase your reach.



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