Share a sneak peek of your new posts in an original way

Sneak peek infographic

Sneak peeks are the best way to encourage your followers to like your latest post. Sometimes people follow a lot of accounts and their feed is just a mess, and you might lose some likes and comments just because your post got lost in the infinite ocean of content that is posted every day.

But there's a solution for that: share a sneak peek in your stories. More people will see that you posted something because Stories are always on top of the Instagram feed and sometimes people will only watch their stories completely ignoring the posts below. Plus if someone saw your post but "forgot" to leave a like they have a chance to redeem themselves.

HOW you're posting matters

There are two ways to share your post in your Stories

Using the last one will let people reach your post by clicking on the image while the plain image will make them skip to the next story

Let's now have a look at all the different ways you can share a sneak peek:

The superzoom trick

Superzoom example

This is an easy one: just zoom A LOT, try to show a particular in your photo and don't forget to add some text, or a GIF, to let the audience know what's going on: They should immediately go to check your new post.

Paint over it

Paint over it

The most fashionable way is to paint all over the post (It's easier than you think) and then just erase a small part, this is how you do it step by step:

  • Add the photo of the post to your story
  • Tap on the brush tool, the second icon from the right, it has a curvilinear shape
  • Choose the color you prefer by tapping on it at the bottom of your screen, swipe left for more colors
  • Tap and hold anywhere on your photo for 2-3 seconds, this will paint the whole screen with the color you chose
  • Tap on the eraser tool, the second icon from the right, it looks like a pencil eraser cap
  • Optional: "Increase the size" of the eraser by sliding up the circle on the left of your screen
  • Draw on the screen to erase the paint on top of your post, use your fantasy to personalize the final look
  • When you're satisfied click "Done"

The old fashioned sticker

Sticker on top

Add the post to your story, here's how to do it, Then add a sticker or a GIF on top of your post, cover most of it but not entirely. Use a GIF that will make your followers understand immediately what's beneath it: search for "New Post", "Upload", "Sneak Peek"...

The inspiring text method

Not always a photo can say more than words, especially if you're good at writing them. Write a couple words to tell your followers that they really should go see your latest upload.

A little advice

If you prefer originality we recommend you use a different way of teasing your followers every time. If you seek professionality, it's better if you choose one and stick to it.



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