Improve the way you use hashtags

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Hashtags can help you reach thousands of people all over the world with so little effort. All you need to do is using them correctly.

Style your hashtags

Hashtags can be ugly to see if you don't style them properly, but there's no need to worry because styling them is super easy using the Hashtag Aligner:

You can customize the way you display your hashtags changing the space between them, the white lines to separate them from your description, and the platform you want to target (Android, iOS or both)

Different types of hashtags

Hashtags are not all the same, there are different categories of hashtags:

  • Niche hashtags: Used in just a couple thousand or fewer posts
  • Popular hashtags: Tagged in million of posts, you can find a list of the most commonly used at the end of the page
  • Custom hashtags: Used only by you to establish a brand, click here to learn how to do it

Common hashtags:

Common hashtag examples

Uncommon hashtags:

Uncommon hashtag examples

Which ones should I use?

All of them! No seriously, an appropriate mix is the best idea, if you get a lot of likes you should use more popular hashtags than niche ones, otherwise the exact opposite but still some of both kinds. Not that there is no perfect mix, you can experiment a little and see which combination is best for you, just keep in mind that you shouldn't use more than a custom hashtag.

Most common Popular hashtags

Here's a list of the most used Popular hashtags:

#tbt, #instagood, #regram, #l4l, #photooftheday, #picoftheday, #like4like, #instagrammers, #follow4follow, #instamood, #fbf, #NoFilter, #selfie



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