Create a hashtag for your profile

Custom hashtag infographic

What is a custom hashtag? It's a hashtag created by you, it's unique and no one else already used it.

Why would I need that? There are many good reasons to create your brand hashtag:

  • Using it on all your posts will group them, if people come across that hashtag they will see all of your posts
  • You can tell your audience to post, or regram, using that hashtag. This will increase reach and engagement
  • You can advertise it, a hashtag holds more reach power than your profile name and can be used as well with other profiles on different social media

Do you use a lot of hashtags in your captions?

Add some style to your Hashtags

How to create one? All you need it's a lot of creativity, it might be simple to think about a hashtag but you need to check that no one (or very little people) already used it. To check if a hashtag is used simply tap on the Instagram search bar, tap on Hashtags and write yours, you need to look for a hashtag with little to no posts using it.

Tips for creating your custom hashtag

  • Use something reminding your profile name
  • Stretch words related to the content of your posts
  • Look at hashtags used in popular photos and try to change them a little



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